Success Stories

"I did make a formation of 4 month with the Dr Neha and Salil Joglekar about Ayurveda in Pune. I was very well received and they took care of everythink during my travel in India. The formation was very interesting and adapted with what I wanted to learn. For the first time in my live, I didn't get bored at school. They're experience with therapist in Europe help them to adapt their courses for people who want to work in western countries. Even after courses, they are always available when I need some help for one patient. I advised this school for anyone who want learn about Ayurveda."
Ismail SY (France)
Certificate Course in Ayurveda
"I had the pleasure to work with the both of them - Neha and Salil. I didn't know anything about ayurveda and massage techniques before but the two are very passionate and keen teachers, so it was very easy to get into this new topic. And they are not only good teachers but also lovable human beings. It was never a rigid schedule - you can ask anything anytime and there was always time for some chatting in between, but still you would learn a lot. I really enjoyed my time with them and I wouldn't think twice about taking part in another course sometime.!"
Svenja (Germany)
Ayurvedic Massage and Yoga Massage Course
"I am very interested in the relationship between western and eastern psychology, so i looked for opportunities to learn more about it. I am very happy that i met Salil and that i studied with him over several months in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In this Therapy modern scientific knowledge is combined with ancient wisdom. His background in Ayurveda and his knowledge of Indian Philosophy makes him highly qualified to teach it. He first helped me as a therapist to integrate it into my one life and later as a teacher to apply it with my own clients. Alongside with their expertise, Salil and his wife Neha are exceptionally kind people and they became true friends for me during my 12 months in India."
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Course
"I am very happy to have followed this training with you, it was very rewarding. The courses were very good and met all my expectations and all the remaining questions after the start of the training with Rose. I think I have acquired the necessary knowledge through your experience. Salil, Neha, you are both good teachers, the beginnings were not easy and the misunderstandings due to my English very bad .... The only thing that was a shame is to not have been able to make consultations with you, but I did a lot with Rose in France. I'm also happy to have a little different points of view between your classes and those of Rose, just have to do my own experience and continue to learn. Promised I looked for the negative ... I did not find except that it took a lot of effort with English. I want to thank you for your warm welcome, the work you have done, your patience and your support. I am very proud to have you as teachers and friends. Thank you for everything."
Certificate course in Ayurveda