BASTI (Therapeutic enemas):

It is considered to be one of the most important Panchakrma's because it can

correct and

control the Vata dosha.

Vata is the major factor in production of any disease according to Ayurveda, hence Basti treatment can be used for almost all diseases.


Types of Basti:

1) According to area of giving the basti, they are classified as
Basti- via the anal route and
Uttar Basti- via the vagina in females and the urethral tract in males.


2) According to Substances used, they are classified as:
Niruha Basti / Asthapana Basti- decoctions/teas of various herbs are used for this. The quantity is more  and  they are more cleansing in action. They are normally not supposed to be retained in the body for a longer time.
Anuvasana Basti: the basti's in which only some form of lubricating material like oil is used is called as Anuvasana basti. They are less in quantity and are supposed to be retained in the body. They are more nourishing in nature.


3) According to Action: according to their action on the body the Bastis are classified as,
Shodhana- cleansing
Lekhana- Scrapping
Snehana- lubricating
Bruhana- nourishing
Utkleshana- aggravating
Pitchil- slimy
Krumighna- eradicating worms
Shukrakruta- Increasing reproductive tissue
Sangrahi- obstructing.


4) According to number of Basti's: According to the total number of basti's given they are classified as,
Karma Basti – total 30 basti's
Kala Basti- total 16 basti's
Yoga Basti- total 8 basti's

The cleansing or Asthapana basti's are helpful in the following conditions,

Generalized diseases,  Localized diseases,  Obstructed stools or urine,  Loss of strength, worm infestation,  Pain/ stiffness in the back, Tremors,  Heaviness of the body,  Amenorrhea,  Unstable digestion,  Coryza,  Difficulty in passing urine,  Paralysis,  Headaches, Migraine,  Obesity,  Diabetes,

The nourishing or Anuvasana  basti's are helpful in the following conditions,

Vata management, paralysis, joint disorders, fatigue, increasing virility, menstrual disorders, skin diseases.

How Basti's are done

Main procedure of giving Basti
Oil is applied and massaged to the patients abdomen, back and legs. After this  fomentation is given locally.
The patient is made to lie down on his/her left side in the knee chest position. The right leg should be folded at the knee joint and brought near the chin. The left leg is kept straight.
A little lubrication is applied to the anus and also to the catheter. And slowly  the catheter is introduced which is attached to the basti apparatus.
Now slowly and with equal pressure and steady hands the basti material is pushed in .  The patient is asked to inspire while recieving the basti.
After this  the patient is asked to lie on his/her back with knees folded,  a pillow is kept under the lower back .
The patient is asked to keep a watch on when the basti was given and when it was evacuated.

The patient has to follow the following restrictions for a period twice the duration of giving the bastis,
Avoid excessive traveling, loud speech, sleeping in the daytime, sex, Forceful obstruction of natural urges, ingesting cold substances, exposure to excess sunlight and wind, emotional aggravations.



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