The lure of instant gratification

Nowadays we often we talk/complain about how the festivals are celebrated publicly, with very loud music, insane “high spirited” dancing on the streets and the whole nine yards..
We talk about losing the real spirit behind such festivals and how as a society we are becoming distant from the very idea why these festivals originally celebrated etc etc..
I have a different take on the whole thing, first of all let’s think about the revelers in a little compassionate way. Maybe they are just seeking a temporary solace from the harsh realities of life, by numbing their senses with loud music and other mind altering substances.
As we all experience at some point of time in our lives, Life can  become quite unbearable  and difficult  and all of us seek refuge in our own ways.
It is easy to complain and be judgmental and say, “why don’t they become more spiritually oriented, do meditation, yoga” or whatever else we think is the right way.
But we have to keep in mind all these paths require perseverance, patience and most importantly time to make a substantial difference in our lives. (And they most definitely do make a big difference)
The human mind (or rather some parts of it) always looks for shortcuts and instant gratification. In today’s fast paced world we have fast internet, fast communications (gone are the days of waiting for the postman to deliver that anticipated letter), fast food, instant coffees (bah..) and everything at high speed. So it is no wonder we would seek also  fast solutions to facing life.
Mind numbing, sensory pleasures are then the easy ‘go to’ solutions. They give instant gratification and a way out (even if temporary) from the harsh realities of life.
In my opinion, instead of just being judgmental, can we all see how this pursuit and lure of instant gratification is harming us? Can we all learn to be more mindful and patient?
Can we not learn from nature? One cannot hurry nature, it takes time and patience from planting a seed to receiving the fruits. Aren’t we always told that “fruits of patience are the sweetest”?
Its not that we, as a society, are unaware of the fact ‘things that offer quick fixes are not sustainable solutions and in fact are often harmful in the long run’. But the lure of instant solutions keeps us trapped.
On a personal level, every day I decide I am going to do one thing mindfully and with patience. Doing so I am learning so many new aspects even to the most mundane things like making coffee, brushing my teeth..
Hopefully we all can all learn to be more patient in our lives and look for long term, values based actions instead of just looking for instant gratifications and quick fixes.
But it will take time to see the changes in the society and I am in no hurry to see the change :)…

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