PPP (Perfect Pregnancy Program)™.........



Meaning of the Title

This is a program that lasts for about 2 years. It  is a program for Parents who

want to have a healthy baby. Hence the name. This program is designed to

help a mother have a perfect conception, perfect pregnancy and a perfect child


It also guides the parents after the child’s birth in the physical and mental

development of the child.


Aim OF the Program:

All parents want the best for their children, but they give their best only after a

child is born, ideally we should give them the possibility of having the best of

things even before they are conceived. Having this idea in mind this program

was designed by Dr. Mrs.Neha Joglekar.                               


Ayurveda  has many beautiful and helpful ideas for guiding parents in pregnancy. This program  aims at giving a complete knowledge package in the hands of the parents.




Structure of the Program

This program is divide into 3 parts

a. Pre- conception

b. During Pregnancy

c. After child birth.

In each part guidance about Diet, Exercises & Yoga, useful herbs, massage techniques is given.