VIRECHANA (Therapeutic Purgation)*

Elimination of the imbalanced body constituent parts through rectum is called Virechana. It cleanses the small intestine and the organs, which are Pitta dominant. For example, the liver and the gall bladder in the mid-zone of the body. It may be given three days after emesis therapy, or given directly when emesis is not indicated.

Virechana is helpful in:

Fever, Skin diseases,Haematemesis,Epistaxis,Splenic disorders,Worm infestation,Anemia, Headache,Burning eyes,Excessive Lacrimation,Jaundice,chronic cough,Rhinitis,Gout,Gynecological disorders,Rheumatic conditions, Anorexia.


How Virechana is done


The patient is given snehana and/or swedana early in the morning. A light and preferably bland diet is given as lunch. This is followed by good rest. It is important to check the diet when the patient is subjected to Virechana. The patient should not eat food (both qualitatively and quantitatively) which will aggravate the basic body constituents. The patient is given plenty of water or natural fluids by mouth in order to avoid post Virechana dehydration. Again, bland food in small quantity is given as dinner. This avoids post Virechana fatigue.
Virechana is carried about by giving herbal teas or pills which induce purgation,  at bedtime and the results are observed the following morning.

* Virechana should be done under the guidance and supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic Physician.



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